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Dear Glenn:

I did not want the day to pass without expressing my deepest and sincerest appreciation for giving my dad a beautiful, oh so beautiful, send off yesterday and again today!  You are an angel of mercy and how blessed I am to call you my friend!

I can never thank you enough for everything you did to ease my pain, and the pain of my loved ones! We could not have hoped for a better tribute for our dad.  Please know I am forever grateful for your talents, professionalism and your charismatic personality, you are truly one in a million.

God bless you Glenn for everything you do for all of us in our greatest time of need. I take solace knowing my dad is smiling broadly, as he would be so very proud and grateful.



–––––––   ❖   –––––––


Thank you!

It was hard to be sad (well almost) when you made such a wonderful celebration of dad’s life.

We are still hearing such wonderful comments from all who attended the service.

We were overwhelmed – but in a good way!

~ .n

–––––––   ❖   –––––––


Dear Glenn and Dave,

It's hard for us to believe that a year has gone by since we lost our darling E. There isn’t an hour that goes by that we don’t remember her and how she graced our lives. Also, we often think of you both and the wonderful people at Concord funeral Home who gave our family so much comfort and compassion during an impossibly hard time.

It has been a very tough year for us but we are fortunate to have the love and support of family and friends. Many people have complimented you for the wonderful visiting hours, funeral and recently the tribute that you sent out to the guest book participants.

You will be pleased to know that the clever baseball ticket bookmarks that you created have been recreated and distributed at E.’s Suite at Fenway Park. The bookmarks are a big hit and we have printed one thousand more!

We will always be grateful to you both for your guidance and dedication to creating a beautiful, heartfelt tribute to our E. Thank you for your support and hard work not only for us, but for all of the families that you help in their time of need.

We wish both of you and your families a Merry Christmas and peace, health and happiness in the new year.

With deepest gratitude,

E. and K.

–––––––   ❖   –––––––


Dear Dave,

There will never be enough words to express my gratitude to you and the Concord Funeral Home for the support caring and help that made this most difficult time so much easier to bear for all the ‘whole’ family.

David, you especially went above and beyond to assure that ‘B.’ had a truly memorable end to his life.

All of us, but especially myself, will be forever grateful, Blessings, M. J.

–––––––   ❖   –––––––


Dear Glenn,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for delivering J.’s ashes to me on Valentine’s Day. It was his one wish to “come home” and your extra effort made that possible. With sincere gratitude,

N. K.

–––––––   ❖   –––––––


Dear Glenn,

I would like to commend Dave to you for his above and beyond help he gave to me. Due to circumstances (snow storms, etc.) I was left alone to bury my wife. But I had Dave’s support and assistance when I needed it. Dave was true to his word: “I am not here to tell you what to do, I am here for you to tell me what I can do for you.” Please let him know how much I appreciate him.



–––––––   ❖   –––––––



Thank you from all the W. family for helping us to create a beautiful and fitting service for my husband. You were incredibly responsive, compassionate, and helpful and we are very appreciative.

I. and family

–––––––   ❖   –––––––


Dear Glenn,

I cannot thank you enough for all the comfort, caring and support you have provided to my family during this terribly difficult time. You took such good care of ‘C.’ and truly made ‘I.’s’ services a celebration of her selfless, wonderful, loving life. Similarly, you provided such comfort to ‘G.’ and ‘P.’ at a time of greatest sadness and pure mourning.

It’s never a pleasant time when we have to engage your services, but knowing that our beloveds are in the care of you and your supportive, kind staff certainly eases the process.

My best wishes to you and your family. And thank you, again, for everything.

With love and appreciation,

L. T.

–––––––   ❖   –––––––


Dear Dave,

Thank you for caring for ‘G.’ so lovingly and respectfully. We appreciate all that you did.


‘D.’ & ‘P.’ and family

–––––––   ❖   –––––––


Dear Glenn,

Thank you and your staff for all you did to make my Mother’s wake and funeral so beautiful.
When  I reflect back on the experience, I am filled with peace and happiness for her.

Thank you for your kind note and card, and especially for being a friend to me during my time of need.

With heartfelt gratitude,


–––––––   ❖   –––––––



Thank you so much for the care and service that you provided to our family.
I  am so appreciative of your patience and respect during this experience.
I  am so happy that you knew Mom, and I enjoyed getting to work with you as Mom guided us!
Please  take care, T.

–––––––   ❖   –––––––


Dear Glenn,

Thank you so very much for your kind assistance to my family with arrangements for B.'s funeral and

memorial service. You and David were always readily available to address concerns and lightened the

burden of planning and details.

I hope you will enjoy a nice vacation with your family over the summer.


C. L.
–––––––   ❖   –––––––


Dear Glenn,

We would like to thank you for walking with us during this difficult time. Your warmth, professionalism, patience and assistance was such a help to us — we truly felt taken care of. The funeral was just lovely and we couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you so much for all your efforts.

Fondly, P, J, T, J & J

–––––––   ❖   –––––––


Glenn and David,

Thanks for joining J’s care team. Your hands helped lay her to a peaceful return to the earth.
–––––––   ❖   –––––––



Words can’t express my sincere gratitude for all that you did for our family during the loss of my father. Your professionalism and dedication was above and beyond our expectations. You are truly one of a kind. Thank you from the bottom of our heart.

J Family
–––––––   ❖   –––––––


Dear Glenn,

You are full of surprises! Thank you for the Memories of a Lifetime Calendar.

As Christmas comes to an end, it is nice to have this calendar to remind me of some of the many wonderful moments in my mother’s life as I go about my day–to-day activities.

I still have the angel ornament you sent me after my father died. Every year it hangs on my Christmas tree, toward the top for all to see.

Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated.

Wishing you and your staff a happy, healthy new year.

–––––––   ❖   –––––––


Dear Glenn & Staff,

Thank you for making my mothers funeral very special.

Your kindness and thoughtfulness was greatly appreciated, along with your attention to detail.

Warm Regards,

–––––––   ❖   –––––––


Dear Dave,

Please accept our heartfelt thank for all your help, guidance and kindness with Dad's final arrangements. The service was lovely and everything went so smoothly on just 2 day's notice — can't thank you and everyone there enough for making it all so easy and yet so special. Dad would have been pleased and I know we certainly are grateful.


D.S., C., G. D., and G.G.

–––––––   ❖   –––––––


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