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Traditional Funeral Service

With this option, you receive public visiting hours or a private family viewing followed by a service at the funeral home or in your church. Services will conclude with either burial or cremation.


Graveside Service

Some families prefer to have a service held at the grave site location with clergy, family, and friends. Public or private invitation is available.



A myriad of cremation options exists. Some families prefer traditional visiting hours at the funeral home, followed by a church or funeral home service prior to cremation, while others opt for a memorial reception at the funeral home after cremation with public or private invitation. Families may also choose immediate cremation followed by a memorial or graveside service at a date convenient for them.


Personalized Tributes

We will accommodate your needs to ensure your loved one's funeral service is in accordance to your every wish. It is important to utilize the funeral director, his staff, and facilities to personalize the funeral/memorial service as you requested. We encourage you to listen to our suggestions as we will listen to yours. By working together, we will ensure your loved one's life is celebrated to your satisfaction.

Please ask us about our Life Celebration® tributes.





Pre-planning your own or loved one's funeral prior to a death allows you to express your own wishes. It relieves your family of the burdensome and stressful decisions at an emotional time. Pre-planning does not require prepayment, however a prepayment option is available. Concord Funeral HomeSM is in compliance with the Massachusetts Funeral Directing Board rules and regulations in regards to prefinanced funerals. All contracts are in compliance and filed accordingly to ensure your money is allocated properly. We encourage you to call for an information-only conference to answer any questions. Please remember all questions are important questions. You can start the pre-planning process by completing our online pre-planning form.


Medicaid Planning

When someone requires nursing home care, establishing a funeral trust must be considered. Medicaid requirements are complicated and necessitate an irrevocable trust or funeral life insurance. Concord Funeral HomeSM can assist you in establishing the appropriate asset transfer for the prepayment of funeral expenses.


Veteran's Benefits

We will explain the Veteran's benefits offered by the United States Government for those who served in the military as well as their spouses.

 We offer a wide-range of services designed to meet your needs at a very difficult time. Listed below are some of the ways we can support your family. Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

As a Life Celebration® Home, Concord Funeral HomeSM is proud to provide families with a way to create a memorable service by  personalizing their loved ones funeral. Through a tasteful and unique Life Celebration® tribute, family and friends can begin the healing process by sharing their memories of a life well-lived.

We know that a funeral is as individual as each life. Our caring and respectful team at Concord Funeral HomeSM is here to gently guide you through the many service options available. We honor all faiths and traditions. Our goal is to provide a meaningful, and dignified funeral service with a commitment to the highest quality standards of professionalism and personal integrity.

We understand that the loss of a loved one and the arrangements for the funeral are two of life’s most difficult experiences. Our professional and sensitive staff is here to help our families before, during, and after the funeral.

At Concord Funeral HomeSM, we strive to help you celebrate and honor life. We offer a simple guide that will help share the story of your loved ones life throughout the entire funeral experience. When families come together to create a personal tribute it often begins a time of healing.

We ask that you please complete the Life Celebration® Concord Funeral HomeSM service planning guide by clicking on the image to the left to downloading the file. From the information you give us about you and your loved one we will create a personal and loving tribute that will be a blessing to you and all who attend the service. Please call us if you need help: know that we are always here for you.

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